Everything you need to now about Highlights

Highlights - The Basics and the Benefits

The style and even the color of the hair makes a big difference in one’s appearance. While most people believe they have to make a drastic change in their color, length, or style to have a big impact on their overall look, the reality is that even simple gradations in color make a noticeable difference. Adding highlights is one of the most effective ways to spruce up any style.

What are Highlights?

Highlights are a hair coloring option that are considered a “spot color process.” The treatment is often used in combination with lowlights; however, it can be done alone with just as effective a transformation.

The process of highlighting the hair involves selecting sections of the hair, thick or thin depending on the desired effect, throughout the entire head of hair. Once selected, these sections are lightened at least two shades lighter than the rest of the hair. The color selected should naturally compliment the overall color of the hair.

What Shades are Available?

It is a common misconception that highlights are only available in blonde shades. Highlights are actually available in all hair colors with the only stipulation being that the highlight color should be at least the suggested two shades lighter than the rest of the hair. For example, a woman with black hair may get tones of brown spread throughout her color. Likewise, a person with brown hair may add light, caramel tones to his or her color.

Where Should Highlights Be Placed?

The placement of highlights is really a matter of personal choice. Many people tend to like lighter shades feathered throughout the upper portion of the hair; however, this area is not the only place highlights can be placed. Another natural area for highlights is around the face.

How Thick Should Highlights Be?

Again, thickness of highlights is also typically selected based on an individual’s taste or intended style. Generally speaking, the thicker the highlights are, the less natural they appear whereas the thinner highlights are, the more natural they appear. An experienced hair stylist can offer guidance when selecting thickness and may suggest even, thin highlights for good contrast or chunks of color for more noticeable, funkier highlights.

What Are the Benefits?

Other than just helping achieve a specific style, highlights also offer a number of other benefits including:

  • Adding dimension or depth to hair color
  • Evolving style more easily by changing the highlight color regularly
  • Softening the overall look of a cut or style
  • Blending roots in more naturally

The point of highlights is that they are a versatile style option. Rather than having just one flat shade, highlighted hair features a variety of tones and shades that soften the hair and flatter almost any style.